I have been teaching Zumba, Zumba Gold®, Zumba® Kids, Kids Jr, Boot Camp, FuzeCore & Diesel since Nov 2012 and I absolutely love every class. Every class feels like a party, because I add my own swag.. Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast!


I have been teaching Zumba and BODYSTEP since Mar 2018 and I absolutely love it. Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast!


“What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up!”

Hi Everybody. I’m Raisah, known to the people I teach as Coach “T”. I am a mother of 3, teacher, cheer coach, and Zumba Instructor. I started Zumba about 3 years ago as my outlet and because I looooved the music. Little did I know Zumba would become my lifestyle. In fact, I can’t go a week without it. It has helped me to reach my fitness goals and keeps me positive and energetic. I try to send that to my students. I’m all about seeing people smiling and filled with good energy and vibes. In fact, “Good Vibes, ” is the new rich, you just have to come experience it for yourself!!!