Our Mission at Estate Dance Studio is to offer a spiritual and welcoming environment:

  1. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable.
  2. We work towards improving your health.
  3. Our dance classes are for everyone, regardless of dance or fitness level.
  4. Our dance instructors are licensed and trained in CPR.

At Estate Dance Studio, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Hip Hop, Latin Fusion, Zumba, Diesel, Boot Camp, Bodystep/Sh’Bam, FuzeCore and more! Let me tell you why… Our lead instructor Nicole got into fitness after having two children. Nicole wasn’t fit and needed to do something. Zumba & training (Boot Camp, Diesel, HIIT, P90x, etc.) became her way to release stress and get into shape. Before she knew it, fitness was part of her life. She had so much success with weight loss that she was featured in the NJ Iron. That’s why we know firsthand the struggle to get in shape here at Estate Dance Studio because we were once on that journey and we can help you too. Whether you want to lose/gain weight or tone up we are here to help. We teach classes, sell Herbalife (for weight loss or gain), and help tone and tighten your body. Contact us today for more information about our fitness dance classes in Bayonne.